Hyporheic Network

Hyporheic Network

A knowledge transfer network on groundwater- surface water interactions and hyporheic zone processes


Network reports

Reports written by the Hyporheic Network

Workshop June 2007 Breakout group reports
Day 1 Group 1 Day 2 Group 1

Day 1 Group 2 Day 2 Group 2

Day 1 Group 3 Day 2 Group 3

Day 1 Group 4 Day 2 Group 4

Workshop Talks
Nancy Grimm
Role of hyporheic zone processes in nutrient dynamics of streams.

Bayani Cardenas
Exchange across the surface water-groundwater interface.

Stefan Krause
Hyporheic controls on redox conditions and N transformation in
upwelling groundwaters.

Thibault Datry
Responses of hyporheic invertebrate community to large scale
variation in flow permanence and surface-subsurface exchange.

Stephan Weise
Groundwater-surface water interaction. Methods and case studies.

Paul Wood
Macroinvertebrate use of the hyporheos during a supra seasonal

Ian Guymer
Hyporheic exchanges.

Kate Heppell
Carbon and nitrogen cycling in the vegetated sediments of the

produced by the Hyporheic Network
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Published papers and reports by Hyporheic Network members





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